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Why do Yankees think "Canuck" is an insult?


Adjusted Goaltender Stats A look at how current goaltender records compare to seasons played in an era without overtime or shootouts (you might be surprised at the results). Written April 20, 2007

All In The Family Check out the brother combinations (and one father/son combination) that have played for the Canucks. Updated May 12, 2004

All-Star Game Reps (From Dale Tallon to Roberto Luongo) See which players represented the Canucks -- and what they accomplished -- at the annual mid-season classic. Updated July 25, 2010

All-time Teams Here are some starting line-ups that never were. Check out the All-Century team, the best Canucks from each decade, the "If we only knew" team, the "All-Name" team and others. Updated July 31, 2010

Award Winners The Canucks award several trophies at the end of each season. See which players have won these team awards (even if they aren't presented at the game). Updated July 25, 2010

Canuck Defined If you think a Canuck is a Canadian, you get half marks. Find out the full story behind our team's name. (By the way, Canuck rhymes with Duck, not Book). Updated July 25, 2010

The Class of '82 Find out what happened to the Canuck players who took us on that fabulous roller coaster ride in the Spring of 1982. (It's hard to believe it was almost thirty years ago). Updated June 29, 2006

The Class of '94 Twelve years after reaching the finals for the first time, the Canucks did it again in 1994. (Okay, so what happened to going back in 2006). Updated July 26, 2009

Double Duty A list of those players who played for the Canucks, left and returned to play again. (No, Trevor Linden isn't the only one). Updated July 31, 2010

Drafts & Deals See who the Canucks have picked over thirty years of Amateur and Entry Drafts (and where some of their draft picks were traded to). Updated August 1, 2010

Gone but not Forgotten Wayne Maki may have been the first Canuck to die, but several others have also passed away over the years. We honour the memory of those gone before us and celebrate some who are still with us (in an attempt to reduce how morbid this feels). Created July 2, 2016

Jersey Designs When the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970, they wore uniforms of green, blue and white. Since then, they have changed their colours twice and made numerous minor changes to their jerseys. (Maybe they should change their names to the Vancouver Chameleons). Updated July 26, 2009

Let's Make a Deal The ten best (and worst) deals the Canucks have made in the past thirty years. (I'll bet you know which side the Cam Neely deal falls on). Updated January 12, 2003

The Name Game Which Canucks have the longest and shortest names (You really need to know this). Updated July 27, 2010

The Odd Games Over the years, the Canucks have played mid-season exhibition games and neutral site games. See what happened during those games (and answer some obscure trivia). Updated May 17, 2016

Random Acts of Violence Do you think that Marty McSorley's whack on Donald Brashear was the only reprehensible act committed during a Canuck game? Read about some of the other on-ice assaults. (This article is rated PG -- some information is pretty graphic). Reformatted January 12, 2003

Waiver Draft Picks The (almost) annual waiver draft sees fringe players move from one team to another. See which Canucks have been involved (and how many you recognize). Updated June 28, 2009

Why .500 Isn't .500 Anymore A thought provoking discussion on how team statistics are no longer what they should be. (Well, I thought it was important). Reformatted January 12, 2003

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