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If William Shakespeare played for the Canucks, his full name would be the second longest in team history.

The Name Game

Shakespeare asked "what's in a name?". I'm pretty sure he wasn't thinking about which Canucks had the longest and shortest names. Then again, maybe he was trying to think of something that rhymed with Sheldon Kannegiesser.

Here are some Canucks that have set records just for having unique names.

Longest surname
12 letters    Kannegiesser, Sheldon    Wickenheiser, Doug
              Sharifijanov, Vadim

11 letters    Baumgartner, Nolan       Namestnikov, Yevgeny
              Charbonneau, Jose        Schliebener, Andy
              Fitzpatrick, Rory        Ververgaert, Dennis
              Hendrickson, Darby       Zetterstrom, Lars
Longest first name and last name combination
19 letters    Sheldon Kannegieser

18 letters    Yevgeny Namestnikov

17 letters    Jocelyn Guevremont       Vadim Sharifijanov
              Guillaume Desbiens       Dennis Ververgaert

16 letters    Nolan Baumgartner        Alexander Mogilny
              Christian Ehrhoff        Lawrence Nycholat
              Darby Hendrickson        Mikael Samuelsson
              Zenith Komarniski        Mathieu Schneider
              Orland Kurtenbach        Herbert Vasiljevs
              Jean-Marc Lanthier       Doug Wickenheiser
Honourable mention to Jean-Jacques Daigneault (21 letters)
who goes by the name J.J. Daigneault (12 letters)

Shortest surname
 3 letters    Guy, Kevan      May, Brad       Sly, Darryl

 4 letters    Auld, Alex      Irbe, Arturs    Reid, Brandon
              Bawa, Robin     Kesa, Dan       Rome, Aaron
              Boyd, Randy     Kidd, Ian       Rota, Darcy
              Bure, Pavel     King, Jason     Ryan, Preston
              Cook, Bob       Krog, Jason     Salo, Sami
              Coxe, Craig     Kron, Robert    Smyl, Stan
              Dirk, Robert    Lanz, Rick      Snow, Garth
              Doak, Gary      Leeb, Brad      Vaic, Lubomir
              Dowd, Jim       Mair, Jim       Valk, Garry
              Dunn, Dave      Maki, Wayne     Ward, Dixon
              Dyck, Ed        Moss, Tyler     Ward, Ron
              Hall, Murray    Nill, Jim       York, Harry
              Hall, Taylor    Park, Richard   
              Holt, Randy     Peca, Mike
Shortest first name and last name combination
 6 letters    Ed Dyck

 7 letters    Bob Cook        Ian Kidd        Jim Nill
              Jim Dowd        Jim Mair        Ron Ward
              Dan Kesa        Brad May
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