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Matt Pettinger wore number 25 during his first stint with the team and number 13 when he returned.

Double Duty

Sometimes players get second chances. Below is a list of players that played for the Canucks, left the organization, and later returned to play again. Obviously, this does not include players sent to the minors. Otherwise the list would include almost everyone on the team.

Canuck His first stint His return
Nolan Baumgartner Played 8 games during 2002-03. After losing him in the 2003 waiver draft, the Canucks reaquired him a month later.
Triple Duty: Joined the Canucks for a third stint, playing 12 games late in the 2009-10 season.
Jose Charbonneau Played 13 games during 1988-89. After making an impression as a roller hockey player, he played another 33 games during 1993-94 and 1994-95.
Craig Coxe Played parts of four seasons, starting in 1984-85 before being traded to Calgary for three players. Returned via the waiver draft for parts of two more seasons in 1989-90.
Jere Gillis Traded early in his fourth season after three solid seasons with the team. Signed as a free agent just before the 1983-84 season. Spent part of two seasons with the Canucks.
Chris Joseph Joined the Canucks for most of the 1996-97 season. Returned to the Canucks in the 1999 waiver draft. Played 38 games for the Canucks in 1999-2000.
Trevor Linden Recorded 569 points in 702 games plus another 80 points in 79 games starting as a rookie in 1988-89. Played six more seasons, retiring at the end of the 2007-08 season.
Brad May Recorded 45 points and 233 penalty minutes in 152 games during three seasons starting in 1997-98. Rejoined the Canucks at the trade deadline in March 2003 and played 70 games in 2003-04.
Matt Pettinger Recorded 6 points in 20 games during 2007-08 before being claimed by Tampa Bay on waivers. Signed with the Canucks and played another 9 games during 2009-10.
Geoff Sanderson Played 9 games for the Canucks in the middle of the 1997-98 season. Returned at the 2003-04 trading deadline, stayed until the end of the season.
Jim Sandlak Played eight seasons with the Canucks starting in 1985-86. After part of two seasons with the Whalers, Sandlak returned as a free agent for 33 games in 1995-96.
Bobby Schmautz Played the first four seasons in Canuck history, scoring 38 goals the season before being traded. Six seasons after leaving the Canucks, Schmautz returned to record 61 points for the Canucks in 1980-81.
Jiri Slegr The Canucks were his first NHL team in 1992-93 and he recorded 70 points in 138 games over three seasons. Played his first game with his "new" team on October 11, 2003. Traded away after playing 16 games.
Harold Snepsts After ten good seasons with the Canucks, Snepsts was traded to Minnesota in 1984 because he was too old for the new look Canucks. Signed as a free agent in September 1988, Snepsts played well until he was traded again, this time to St. Louis.
Brent Sopel Recorded 125 points in 302 games over 6 seasons starting in 1998-99. Signed with the Islanders prior to 2005-06. Obtained from Los Angeles for a draft pick in February 2007. Finished the 2006-07 season with the Canucks.
Ralph Stewart Played three games in 1970-71. Obtained in a trade with the Islanders in October 1976. Played another 50 games.
Dunc Wilson Recorded 32 wins in the first three seasons of the Canucks' NHL existence. Returned early in the 1978-79 season to play another 17 games.

Players who were Canuck property, but did not play with the Canucks in either their first or second stint with the team, are not listed.

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