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As a Canuck, Craig Coxe was signed as a free agent, traded away, picked up in the waiver draft, then lost in an expansion draft.

Waiver Draft Picks

The theory behind the waiver draft is relatively simple. Teams that have too many quality players must give up a couple of those players to teams whose talent pool is not as deep (which explains why the Canucks seem to get the better of these deals). The players that teams give up (and get) are rarely impact players.

The NHL no longer holds a waiver draft at the beginning of each season.

These are the players that the Canucks have picked up and given up through the waiver draft (and its predecessor, the intra-league draft).

Obtained via Waiver Draft
Player From Year Contribution to Canucks
Dennis Kearns Chicago 1971 Spent ten seasons on the blueline
Fred Speck Detroit 1971 Played 18 games, then went to WHA
Gerry O'Flaherty Toronto 1972 Role player played six seasons
Don Tannahill Boston 1972 Played 2 seasons, then went to WHA
Jim Wiley Pittsburgh 1974 Played handful of games over 3 seasons
Colin Campbell Edmonton 1980 Plugged away for two seasons
Ron Delorme Colorado 1981 Enforcer spent four seasons here
Brent Peterson Buffalo 1985 Spent two seasons in Vancouver
Doug Wickenheiser Hartford 1987 Played every game in 1987-88
Randy Boyd NY Islanders 1987 Played 62 games over two seasons
Craig Coxe Chicago 1989 Played another 32 games
Randy Gregg Edmonton 1990 Finally showed up in 1991-92
John McIntyre NY Rangers 1993 Role player in 1994 playoffs
Alexander Semak NY Islanders 1996 Played 18 games in 1996-97
Chris Joseph Pittsburgh 1996 Played 63 games on blueline
Chris Joseph NY Rangers 1999 Played 38 games in 1999-2000
John Namestnikov NY Rangers 1999 Spent 5 days with Canucks**
Martin Brochu Minn. Wild 2001 Played 6 games, recorded 3 losses
Lost via Waiver Draft
Player To Year Contribution after Canucks
Glen Cochrane Chicago 1987 Played two more NHL seasons
Brent Peterson Hartford 1987 Spent two seasons with Whalers
Greg C. Adams Quebec 1989 NHL career ended after 1989-90
Igor Larionov San Jose 1992 Joined Sharks after year in Europe
Garry Valk Anaheim 1993 Six more seasons with three teams
Brian Glynn Hartford 1995* Two NHL seasons, then Europe
Dean Malkoc Boston 1996 Parts of three more NHL seasons
Jim Dowd NY Islanders 1996 Parts of three more NHL seasons
Josh Holden Carolina 2001 Played 8 games, then reclaimed
Darren Langdon Montreal 2003 Continues to play in NHL
Nolan Baumgartner Pittsburgh 2003 Played 5 games, then reclaimed

Only those players that actually played for the Canucks are listed.
* Waiver draft held in January 1995, prior to the start of the lockout shortened season.
** Played with Canucks during earlier stint with team.
The waiver draft is different from picking up a player "on waivers". This list does not include those players picked up on waivers (Jeff Cowan, Martin Gelinas, etc.)

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