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Pavel Bure and Markus Naslund hold the team record for most all-star game appearences (4).

All-Star Game Reps

The NHL All-Star Game has been a mid-season affair since the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970 (earlier it had taken place during the pre-season). Most seasons, there has been a rule that each NHL team had to have at least one representative at the game. In many seasons, this is the only way Canucks got to play in the game. Here are the Canucks that have had the honour of playing in the NHL All-Star Game.

Seas. Date Host Score Canuck(s) Comments
70-71 Jan.19 BOS West 2
East 1
Dale Tallon The Canuck rookie did not figure in the scoring. As a member of the losing team, Tallon received $250.
71-72 Jan.25 MIN East 3
West 2
Dale Tallon Tallon did not hit the scoresheet.
72-73 Jan.30 NYR East 5
West 4
Bobby Schmautz Schmautz scored the winning goal in the third period.
73-74 Jan.29 CHI West 6
East 4
Bobby Schmautz, Jocelyn Guevremont Guevremont was a late addition to the game, replacing one of many injured players.
74-75 Jan.21 MON Wales 7
Campbell 1
Gary Smith,
Tracy Pratt
Smith became the first Canuck to be voted to the All-Star game (in this era, NHL writers selected two players for each position).
75-76 Jan.20 PHI Wales 7
Campbell 5
Dennis Ververgaert Ververgaert set an All-Star game record by scoring two goals in ten seconds.
76-77 Jan.25 VAN Wales 4
Campbell 3
Harold Snepsts Snepsts represented the Canucks at the first All-Star game held in Vancouver.
77-78 Jan.24 BUF Wales 3
Campbell 2
Dennis Ververgaert Ververgaert did not get on the scoresheet this time.
78-79 All-Star game replaced with the Challenge Cup, a three game series between the Soviet Union and Team NHL. No Canucks involved.
79-80 Feb. 5 DET Wales 6
Campbell 3
Lars Lindgren Lindgren was selected because of his play in his sophomore season.
80-81 Feb.10 LA Campbell 4
Wales 1
Kevin McCarthy, Tiger Williams Both players voted to the team (in the same manner as the 1975 All-Star game) Williams had the check of the game when he collided with linemate Mike Bossy.
81-82 Feb. 9 WAS Wales 4
Campbell 2
Harold Snepsts Snepsts returned to the mid-season game after five years.
82-83 Feb. 8 NYI Campbell 9
Wales 3
John Garrett Despite playing in only two games for the Canucks, Garrett represented the team after Richard Brodeur was injured on February 5. Garrett was almost voted the game MVP.
83-84 Jan.31 NJ Wales 7
Campbell 6
Darcy Rota Rota, replacing the injured Tony Tanti, scored once and added an assist.
84-85 Feb.12 CGY Wales 6
Campbell 4
Thomas Gradin Gradin did not figure in the scoring.
85-86 Feb. 4 HAR Campbell 4
Wales 3
Tony Tanti Tanti scored a goal for the winning side.
86-87 All-Star Game replaced with Rendezvous '87 in Quebec City. Soviets and Canada played two games with each side winning once. No Canucks involved.
87-88 Feb. 9 STL Wales 6
Campbell 5
Greg Adams Adams was selected to the team in his first season with the Canucks.
88-89 Feb. 7 EDM Campbell 9
Wales 5
Paul Reinhart Reinhart was also selected to the team in his first season with the Canucks.
89-90 Jan.21 PIT Wales 12
Campbell 7
Kirk McLean McLean played half the game, making 20 saves on 24 shots. In addition, McLean won the goaltending portion at the first ever skills competition.
90-91 Jan.19 CHI Campbell 11
Wales 5
Trevor Linden Linden was the youngest player at this All-Star game.
91-92 Jan.18 PHI Campbell 10
Wales 6
Trevor Linden, Kirk McLean Linden scored once and added an assist. McLean made 7 saves on 9 shots in his half of the game.
92-93 Feb. 6 MON Wales 16
Campbell 6
Pavel Bure With the game out of reach, Pavel Bure scored two goals 48 seconds apart.
93-94 Jan.22 NYR Eastern 9
Western 8
Pavel Bure Bure was selected to the starting lineup by fan balloting for the second straight season. He recorded two assists.
94-95 Game not held due to player lockout which cancelled the first three months of the season.
95-96 Jan.20 BOS Eastern 5
Western 4
Alexander Mogilny Mogilny replaced the injured Pavel Bure (who was voted to the game despite missing most of the season) and recorded one assist.
96-97 Jan.18 SJ Eastern 11
Western 7
Pavel Bure Bure scored twice and added an assist.
97-98 Jan.18 VAN N.America 8 World 7 Pavel Bure (w),
Mark Messier (n)
Bure recorded an assist. Messier scored the game winning goal.
98-99 Jan.24 TAM World 8 N.America 6 Mattias Ohlund (w), Markus Naslund (w) Mattias Ohlund scored once and added an assist. Markus Naslund recorded one assist.
99-00 Feb. 6 TOR World 9 N.America 4 Mark Messier (n) Messier recorded an assist in a losing cause.
00-01 Feb.4 COA World 12 N.America 14 Markus Naslund (w), Ed Jovanovski (n) Naslund scored once on six shots and added an assist. Jovanovski was a late addition to the North American team (because of injuries). He recorded an assist, but was -5.
01-02 Feb.2 LA World 8
N.America 5
Markus Naslund (w), Ed Jovanovski (n) Naslund scored twice (including the winner) and added an assist. Jovanovski scored in the first period.
02-03 Feb.2 FLO Western 6
Eastern 5 (shootout)
Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi, Ed Jovanovski Naslund recorded an assist and scored in the shootout. Bertuzzi did not get a point. Jovanovski scored once. Marc Crawford served as head coach of the Western Conference team.
03-04 Feb.8 MIW Eastern 6
Western 4
Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi Naslund served as captain of the Western Conference team and recorded three assists (all on goals by Joe Sakic). Bertuzzi was voted to the team as a starter and recorded two assists. Marc Crawford served as assistant coach.
04-05 Game not held due to labour dispute that resulted in the cancellation of the season.
05-06 Game not held as NHL players participated in the Winter Olympics.
06-07 Jan.24 DAL Western 12
Eastern 9
Roberto Luongo Luongo was voted to the team as a starter and made 9 saves on 12 shots. Canuck Rory Fitzpatrick finished third in fan voting for defensemen in a campaign designed to demonstrate the flaws in online balloting.
07-08 Jan.27 ATT Eastern 8
Western 7
Henrik Sedin Sedin recorded two assists. Roberto Luongo was voted to the team as a starter but did not play.
08-09 Jan.25 MON Eastern 12
Western 11 (shootout)
Roberto Luongo Luongo played the third period, overtime and the shootout. He made 13 saves on 16 shots in 25 minutes of action. Mason Raymond took part in the Young Stars game on January 24.
09-10 Game not held as NHL players participated in the Winter Olympics.

From 1970-71 to 1996-97 and since 2002-03, Canuck players were part of the team representing their conference (indicated in bold).
From 1997-98 to 2001-02, teams were based on the players' nationality.
The "Host" column lists the NHL team in whose rink the game was played. See the list of
Team Codes used in this site.

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