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Harold Snepsts was the last Canuck to play without a helmet.

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Acknowledgements Some of the sources used to stock the shelves of "The Canuck Library". (Did you really think I did this all on my own?) Updated July 2, 2016

Adjusted Winning Percentage Some of the reports on this site refer to an "adjusted" winning percentage. Find out what it is and why it is used. Updated June 29, 2006

The Canuck Librarian A not-so-short biography of the poor guy who created the Canuck Library (complete with incriminating photos). Written July 22, 2001

Fine Print Some boring legal mumbo-jumbo that I thought I would add to cover by backside. (Like this is going to work.) Reformatted May 17, 2001

Links Check out some of my favourite Canuck, NHL and hockey links. (If you have to leave my site, these are the places to visit.)

Q & A Got a historical, statistical or trivial question about the Canucks you need answered? Now you have someone you can ask. (but please, no more questions about what a Canuck is.) Updated July 9, 2010

Team Codes Descriptions of the three letter team codes used throughout this site. (Yes, VAN stands for Vancouver). Updated June 18, 2016

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