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Pavel Bure scored his 50th goal of the 1992-93 season in a non-NHL city.

The Odd Games

Over the years, the Canucks have played a handful of mid-season exhibition games. These games did not count in the standings, but provided a novelty for the fans. In addition, the NHL experimented with a concept known as neutral site games. These games were played in cities that did not have an NHL team and counted in the standings.

The Canucks and Ducks were the first NHL teams to play regular season games outside North America. They played in Tokyo as a promotion for the Olympics. More recently, the Canucks hosted a "Heritage Classic" game at BC Place. These other unique games are listed below.

Exhibition Games

Seas. Date Result Comments
77-78 Dec.28 Spartak 0
Vancouver 2
Curt Ridley records the shutout while Rick Blight scores both goals for the Canucks.
79-80 Dec.26 Dynamo 2
Vancouver 6
Brad Smith and Stan Smyl each score a pair of goals. Curt Ridley again records the win against the Soviet team.
88-89 Dec.30 Dynamo Riga 1
Vancouver 6
Brian Bradley scores twice and adds an assist. Jim Sandlak also has a three point night.
89-90 Dec.29 Red Army 6
Vancouver 0
The Canucks, resting some of their regulars, finally play the top Soviet team with predictable results. After the game, one of the Soviet players -- unfamiliar with the custom of the three star selection -- is told to skate out onto the ice. He skates an entire lap of the rink to the cheers of the Coliseum faithful.
90-91 Jan.13 USSR 4
Vancouver 3
Gerald Diduck plays his first game as a Canuck after being obtained January 12.
91-92 Nov.24 Olympic Team 5
Vancouver 2
In preparation for the Olympics, the Canadian team plays every Canadian NHL team, while the American team plays every American NHL team. The Canucks rest several regulars en route to the loss.

Neutral Site Games

Seas. Date Result Site Comments
92-93 Mar.1 Buffalo 2
Vancouver 5
Hamilton Hamilton was home to the Canucks' farm team at the time. Pavel Bure becomes the first Canuck to score 50 goals in a season during this game.
  Mar.11 Minnesota 4
Vancouver 3
Saskatoon Jiri Slegr, Trevor Linden and Robert Kron score in a losing cause.
93-94 Dec.23 Calgary 3
Vancouver 4
Saskatoon Pavel Bure scores twice and adds an assist. Cliff Ronning gets the winner in the third. Kay Whitmore gets the win in goal.
  Jan.24 Edmonton 4
Vancouver 5
Saskatoon Pavel Bure scores three goals, including the overtime winner. Jimmy Carson is forced to leave the game after the lineup card is filled out incorrectly.

Other Unique Games

Seas. Date Result Site Comments
97-98 Oct.4 Anaheim 2
Vancouver 3
Tokyo The game is often recorded as being played on October 3. Because of the time change, the game played at noon on October 4 is seen at 8:00pm on October 3 in Vancouver. During the trip to Japan, Trevor Linden turns his captaincy over to Mark Messier. Pavel Bure gets the winning goal, while Markus Naslund gets two assists.
  Oct.5 Anaheim 3
Vancouver 2
Tokyo The game is played in the same "rink" as the day before and problems with the ice cause some delays. Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden score in a losing cause.
13-14 Mar.2 Ottawa 4
Vancouver 2
BC Place Ten seasons after the first Heritage Classic, Vancouver finally hosts one at BC Place. Over 54,000 fans attend this "outdoor" game with the retractable roof closed. The Canucks wear vintage Vancouver Millionaires sweaters and Eddie Lack gets the controversial start in net. The Canucks jump out to an early 2-0 lead before the Senators score four straight goals to ruin the party.
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