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Jersey Designs

Most people know the Canucks have had three major logo changes since joining the NHL in 1970. However, they have also gone through numerous minor changes in their jerseys. Here, we try to document those changes.

Season Jersey
1970-71 First jerseys: The Canuck stick in rink logo made its debut. The home jersey was white with two large stripes (on blue and one green) at the base of the jersey. In addition, the sleeves had a white "V" overlapping the green and blue stripes. As an oddity, the road jerseys did not display the logo in the same colours (the blue and white were reversed).
Minor Change: The "V"s on the jerseys disappeared and the two stripes on the bottom of the jersey were replaced with a narrow, wide, narrow combination of stripes (on home jerseys, the stripes were green, blue, green; on road jerseys, white, green, white).
1977-78 Minor Change: As part of the NHL mandate, player names are added to the jerseys.
1978-79 Radical Change: The Canucks switch to their "more aggressive" red, black and yellow "V" jerseys. The skate logo appeared on both arms and each player's number appeared at the bottom of the sleeve. For the 1978-79 season, the socks also had a "V" type stripe on them.
1981-82 Minor Change: Names on home jerseys changed from red lettering to black lettering. In addition, the black part of the "V" on home jerseys is extended down the shoulder to meet the "V"s on the shoulders.
1982-83 Minor Change: Numbers on the sleeves are moved from the bottom to the top of the arm. Name and number on the back of the jersey are now black with red trim.
1985-86 Major Change: The Canucks put the skate logo on the front of the jersey and reduce the "V" to just appearing on the shoulders. The home uniform is mainly yellow.
1989-90 Minor Change: The home jersey is changed from yellow to white. In addition, the "V"s on the shoulders and pants of both the home and road jerseys are removed.
1992-93 Minor Change: The colours on the jersey are subtly changed. The yellow and red are both brightened (less orangy).
Third Jersey: The Canucks introduce their new "third jersey". The background is predominantly red with some additional subtle stripes.
1997-98 Major Change: The Orca Jersey makes its debut. The team colours change to navy blue, blue, white, maroon and silver.
Third Jersey: Another "third jersey" is introduced. The background blends from navy to maroon, with some additional white stripes on the shoulders.
Retro Jersey: The Canucks wear the rink and stick jerseys (both white and blue base) for selected games. The design is the same as the 1977-78 jerseys, although the colours are a little brighter.
2007-08 Colour Change: The Canucks introduce their combo jersey, using the orca logo and the original colours. The maroon was removed from the logo and the word "Vancouver" was added above the logo. The home uniforms are blue with white and green trim while the road uniforms are white with blue and green trim.
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