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After the 1994 playoffs, Trevor Linden held the team record for career playoff points (64).

Canuck Class of '94

Twelve years after their improbable Stanley Cup run, the Canucks returned to the Finals in 1994. This time, they were serious contenders, coming within half a post width of sending the seventh game into overtime. Many of the players involved continue to have fine NHL careers, although none are still with the Canucks.

Below is a list of the players (and others) that were involved in the playoff run (listed in alphabetical order), and where they eventually went.

Canuck His contribution in 1994 Where he went after 1994
Greg Adams Scored 15 goals, including overtime goals in two consecutive games (game 5 against the Leafs and game 1 against the Rangers). Traded to the Dallas Stars for Russ Courtnall in April 1995. Played over 1000 NHL games and played his last NHL season in 2000-01.
Shawn Antoski Capped his rookie season by playing in 16 playoff games. Recorded 36 penalty minutes in the playoffs. Played just seven more games for the Canucks before being dealt to Philadelphia in February 1995.
Dave Babych Played in all 24 playoff games, finishing third among defensemen with 8 points. Scored the game winning goal in game five of the Finals. Went on to play over 400 games with the Canucks, including his 1000th NHL game. Sent to Philadelphia during the 1997-98 season.
Jeff Brown Recorded 15 points in 24 games. Sent Pavel Bure on his breakaway in the seventh game of the Calgary series. Played another season and a half with the Canucks before being traded to Hartford. NHL career ended after 1997-98.
Pavel Bure Awesome offensively, scoring 16 goals and adding 15 assists. Scored in overtime to knock the Flames out of the playoffs in round one. Stayed with the Canucks until 1997-98. Held out for a trade and was finally dealt to the Florida Panthers in January 1999. Led the NHL in goal scoring in the 1999-2000 and 2000-01 seasons. Knee injuries ended his career.
Jimmy Carson Saw action in just two playoff games. Signed by Hartford as a free agent in the Summer of 1994.
Joe Charbonneau Played in three games during the Calgary series, scoring once. Played three more NHL games (with the Canucks) in 1995.
Geoff Courtnall Recorded 19 points in 24 games. Scored overtime goal during game five of the Calgary series. Video replay was needed to count his goal during game six of the Finals. Played one more season with the Canucks before returning to St. Louis as a free agent in July 1995. He played 1048 NHL games before injuries finally forced him to retire in November 1999.
Murray Craven Recorded 13 points in 22 games. Scored the game winning goal in the final game of the Dallas series. Game seven of the finals was the last game Craven played for the Canucks. He was traded to Chicago in March 1995 and went on to play his 1000th NHL game with San Jose.
Gerald Diduck Played in all 24 games, recording eight points. His lone goal opened the scoring of game six in the Calgary series. Sent to Chicago at the trading deadline in 1995. Went on to play 932 NHL games with a total of eight teams before retiring after 2000-01
Martin Gelinas Scored five goals in 24 games, including the game winner in the first game of the Dallas series. Stayed with the Canucks for three and a half more seasons. Named the Canucks' most valuable player in 1996-97. Dealt to Carolina in the great Canuck purge of 1997-98. Played over 1000 NHL games.
Brian Glynn After Dana Murzyn was injured in the seventh game of the Calgary series, Glynn played the next 17 games (even though Murzyn was later healthy). Claimed by Hartford in the waiver draft in January 1995. Finished his NHL career with the Whalers.
Bret Hedican Scored his first goal as a Canuck in the first game of the Finals. Played in all 24 games and tied Nathan LaFayette with a plus/minus of +13. Of the Canucks who played in the 1994 Finals, Hedican was the only one to play for the Canucks in 1998-99. Traded to Florida with Pavel Bure in January 1999. Finally won the Cup with Carolina in 2006.
Tim Hunter Played in all 24 games, but did not record a point (someone has to check and kill penalties). Played two more seasons with the Canucks before finishing his NHL career with the San Jose Sharks.
Nathan LaFayette After sitting out the first four playoff games, recorded 9 points in the next 20. Finished +13 and hit the post late in game seven of the Finals. Traded to the Rangers in April 1995 for Corey Hirsch. Has not repeated his success in 1994, spending at least part of each season since in the minor leagues. 1998-99 was his last NHL season.
Trevor Linden Canuck captain and team leader. Second only to Pavel Bure in goals (12), assists (13) and points (25). Scored in overtime of game six against Calgary. Despite being attacked late in game six of the Finals, he scored twice in game seven. Stayed with the Canucks until the 1997-98 season when he was dealt to the New York Islanders. Returned to the Canucks in November 2001, finishing his NHL career in 2007-08.
Jyrki Lumme Third on the team in assists (11), including two assists in overtime. Scored the game winning goal in game two of the Toronto series. Played four more seasons with the Canucks before he joined the Phoenix Coyotes as a free agent in July 1998. Played over 900 NHL games.
John McIntyre Late season addition proved valuable as a checker in all 24 games. Played his last 28 NHL games with the Canucks in 1994-95.
Kirk McLean Set NHL record with 1544 minutes played. Recorded four shutouts. Made "the save" in game seven of the Calgary series. Stopped 52 shots in the overtime victory in game one of the Finals. Went on to set most career Canuck goaltending records before being shipped out of town as part of the dismantling of the Canucks in 1997-98. Retired after the 2000-01 season.
Sergio Momesso Recorded seven points and led the team in penalty minutes (56). Scored overtime goal in game four against the Stars. Played one more season with the Canucks before being shipped to Toronto for Mike Ridley.
Dana Murzyn Played well in the Calgary series, but was injured in the seventh game. He was a healthy scratch later in the playoffs after Brian Glynn took his spot. One of the last Canucks from the 1994 playoffs still with the team. Played part of the 1998-99 season with the Canucks before being sent to the minors and ultimately retiring.
Gino Odjick Shared enforcer duties with rookie Shawn Antoski. Recorded 18 penalty minutes in ten games. Stayed with the Canucks long enough to set the team record for career penalty minutes. Sent to the Islanders during 1997-98. Finished his NHL career with the Montreal Canadiens in 2001-02.
Adrian Plavsic Did not play in the last 12 games of the regular season or any of the playoffs. Captained the "Dream Team". Played three more games for the Canucks before being traded to Tampa Bay.
Pat Quinn Despite an average regular season, the Canuck coach guided his troops to a 15 win post-season. Stepped down as coach after the 1994 playoffs. Coached 12 more games at the end of the 1995-96 season. Fired at the beginning of the 1997-98 season.
Cliff Ronning Helped the team which inspired him in 1982 back to the Finals. Hampered by injuries, but still scored five goals (including two game winners) and added ten assists in 24 games. Signed as a free agent by the Phoenix Coyotes in July 1996. Joined the expansion Nashville Predators in 1998-99. Has played over 1100 NHL games.
Jiri Slegr Played 78 games during the regular season, but not see any action in the playoffs. Played a handful of games for the Canucks in 1994-95. After a year in Europe, he returned to the NHL with the Penguins. Returned to the Canucks briefly in 2003-04.
Kay Whitmore A solid backup goaltender in the regular season. He had the best seat in the house for the playoff run as he watched Kirk McLean play every minute. Finally saw a period of playoff action in the 1995 playoffs. It was his last NHL action, although he continued to toil in the minor leagues for several years.

Names in italics represent people who did not play for the Canucks during the 1994 playoffs.

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