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Welcome. This page is designed to give you an overview of what this site is all about. Whether you are a new Canuck fan or a long-time diehard, it is my goal to provide you with information you have never seen before. Check out these pages to get a feel for this site.

Canuck Defined This is the most popular page in the site. Find out the meaning behind our team's name.

All-Time Canuck NHL Roster See a list and short bio on every Canuck player since 1970-71. There are a lot of names on this list -- how many will you know.

Jersey Numbers Now that you've seen the list of every Canuck player, find out what numbers they wore while they played.

Winning Percentage Graph This page has some pretty blue and pink graphs. Warning: If you didn't (or don't) like math or graphs in school, the pictures might give you a headache.

Easy Canuck Trivia Think you know everything about the Canucks? Try your hand at these somewhat interactive trivia questions.

Site Map There are over 150 pages on this site. Pick a few at random and see what you learn.

Links If you've had enough of this site for today, check out my favourite Canuck and hockey sites.

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