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David Marchak

Paritek Software Features

Paritek version 3.21 has been released and many parishes are now using the upgraded program. There are about 300 modules in the program. Below is the list of features in the current version of Paritek.

System Setup
Enter system defaults with about 100 options to configure Paritek to meet your specific needs.
Set up codes for later entry (areas/streets, categories, family status, language, marital status, religion, special collection).
Create street definitions for geographic areas within and outside your parish boundaries.
Record other parish names and addresses to assist with notification of sacraments.
Define users, passwords and access levels for optional password protection.
Customize fonts, colours and background for entire program or per user
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Family Information
Browse/search families and individuals by name, area, category, envelope number, language, phone number, e-mail address, a user-defined family key or a user-defined individual key.
For each family you can record surname, sort name, full name, address, second address, city, province, postal code, geographic area, status, start date, periodical flag, marital status, marriage date, picture file name, comments plus up to five user-defined fields.
For each individual in a family, you can record surname (even if different from family surname), first name, sort name, contact, full name, "never print" flag, occupation, handicap, birth date, religion, school, grade, gender, baptized, confession, communion, confirmation, plus up to five user-defined fields.
Enter multiple phone numbers per family and/or individual, including unlisted numbers which can be suppressed from reports.
Enter whatever categories (talents, ministries, etc.) you define per family and/or individual.
Enter e-mail address per family and/or individual and click on direct link which opens your default email program.
Display envelope numbers and contributions for multiple years and assign envelope numbers to families and/or individuals.
Enter language spoken by family and/or individual.
Configure which families will be printed on a directory, using the family status codes.
Print all information for a single family in one report.
Attach, display, and print a graphic file to each family record.
Record banking information (for preauthorized donations) in an encrypted data file.
Record basic or detailed history of changes made to the family information files.
Customize three fields on the browse family windows.
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Enter weekly and special donations using the fastest entry method possible (no sorting of envelopes required).
Record donations for contributors without an envelope number.
Display recent donations for a specific contributor.
Balance adding machine tapes to a running tally displayed on screen.
Enter one-time donations from parishioners or non-parishioners and print receipts immediately or in small batches.
Record one-time donations for gifts-in-kind or which have an eligible amount different than the contributed amount.
Adjust receipts after printing.
Contributors can have more than one receipt per year.
Record contribution envelopes that were received with no money inside.
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Sacrament Registers
Browse/search registers by book and page, name, birth date, or sacrament year.
Enter baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage and death registers.
Transfer sacrament information to individual record (so you don't have to enter the information twice).
Print baptism, first communion, confirmation and marriage certificates with your own fonts and graphics.
Use up to five different fonts (including colour) on each certificate.
Option to print signature graphic on certificates.
Record extensive comments and notations for each baptismal record.
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Print mailing labels for families and/or individuals by sort name, envelope number, area or category.
User pre-defined label sizes or create your own using any available font.
Print labels for envelope boxes with surname in larger font and, optionally, with blank labels for unused numbers.
Allow blank labels before printed labels.
Print family name and address directly on an envelope (assuming your printer can do this).
When printing labels for individuals, the program can automatically combine those individuals in a single family onto a single label (to reduce costs).
Print labels by selecting which families and/or individuals will be printed.
Print labels based on donations to one special collection.
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Reports -- System Setup
Print areas/streets, category codes, family status codes, language codes, marital status codes, religion codes, school codes and special collection codes (although you can do this, you will probably just use the on-screen lookup tables).
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Reports -- Family Information
Print families by name, families by name with photos, families by category, and families by envelope number (including unused numbers).
Print families based on contributions to a specific special collection.
Print custom designed reports with user-defined queries, sort order, fonts and headings (Paritek comes complete with several custom reports that you can use or modify).
Generate labels for each name on your custom report.
Print form letters with optional letterhead, based on user-defined queries, sort order, and fonts (letters are designed to fit in standard window envelopes).
Print reports and labels in "Full Name" or "Surname, Given" format.
Compare the population of your parish between two dates.
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Reports -- Donations
Print weekly and special donations for one date or multiple dates, and one line or details per contributor.
Print donations in entry order (to assist with checking of entries).
Print donation pie charts showing most frequent amounts contributed and range of amounts contributed.
Print totals per collection (for weekly, special or both collections).
Print totals donations graph (showing total donations, total gifts, or average per gift).
Print detailed or summary (three to a page) tax receipts with optional second copy for church and/or second copy for contributor.
Print income tax receipts which conform to Canada Revenue Agency requirements (web site included on receipt).
Print receipts based on minimum donation amount per year.
Print up to 500 characters of additional text on receipts.
Print duplicate receipts when required.
Print summary per contributor with total of all receipts issued.
Print donation summary for one category of families.
Print all contributions made by one contributor (including empty envelopes).
Print donations with corrections, showing individual entries and totals per envelope.
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Reports -- Sacrament Registers
Print baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage and death registers.
Print notices of confirmation or marriage as letters or cards (three to a page) which can be put in a standard window envelope.
Print sacrament and family information for annual spiritual report.
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Set additional key for family information (can be changed at any time).
Backup (and restore) data to any drive, including a flash drive or second hard disk (across a network, for example) with a reminder if the backup has not been done recently.
Define/Change user-defined fields (can be changed as needed).
Advance grade of students, with option to clear school code after "graduation".
Purge prior year donations (receipt information can be stored for as long as you wish).
Assign envelope numbers for next year (program can assign the same numbers or new numbers alphabetically by sort name).
Copy all envelope numbers from one year to the next (without selecting and assigning numbers).
Transfer contributions from one person to another (in case of accidental entries to wrong family).
Display and/or print counts of families, individuals, envelope users, contributors, and sacraments.
Project Advance options (for parishes in the Archdiocese of Vancouver).
Export preauthorized donation information for automatic withdrawals, then transfer this information to donation records.
Record updates to periodical subscription list using batch procedures (by envelope usage, donations, or selection) and print or email changes.
View changes made to family information (including deleted families).
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Exports to comma delimited files (.csv) for easy importing to spreadsheets like Excel.
Export to any available folder on any available drive letter.
Warning when overwriting text files; unable to overwrite program files.
Many menu options similar to existing reports.
Exporting of "custom reports" allows user to create files with only specified fields.
Ability to export all families, all individuals, all weekly donations, all yearly receipts or all sacrament registers.
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Choose between a splash banner with license information, a "Thought of the Day" window or neither.
Display calendar for any month between 1801 and 2100.
Optional login window.
Ability to open various windows at once.
Network file access capability (at no extra cost).
Various integrated help screens.
Toolbar buttons to quickly access family information, weekly donation entry, perpetual calendar, and a user-defined custom report.
Transfer names from "Labels by Selection" to a category (allowing quick entry).
Most commonly used menu options are highlighted
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Content copyright 2001-2018 David Marchak
This page last updated September 13, 2020