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There have been 23 Canucks that played a single game for the team.

All-Time Canuck Roster

Pre-NHL Roster   NHL Roster
This page lists all players who played for the Vancouver Canucks in the PCHL (1948-49 to 1951-52) and the WHL (1952-53 to 1969-70). Canuck players from the amateur version of the PCHL (1945-46 to 1947-48) are not listed.   This page lists all players who played for the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL (1970-71 to present). The list includes player ratings and eras based on the uniforms that the Canucks wore at the time.

Player Ratings

Each player is ranked based on a number of factors including their statistics, achievements in both the regular season and playoffs, and personal observation. Since I did not personally observe the team during their WHL days, these rankings are based on second hand information (mostly statistics). Length of stay in Vancouver is somewhat important. For example, a player who had an exceptional year but only spent one year in Vancouver would be ranked lower than an average player who spent several seasons with the team. After percolating all the information, this is the basic breakdown of what the stars represent. Current players can (and will) be re-assessed during their stay.

Former Player Ratings Current
Best ever (top ten Canucks of all time)
Stars who stayed awhile (next fifty Canucks)
Good Players (or stars who did not stay long)
Average Players (or good players with short stays)
Barely made the team (includes newest Canucks)

Era(s) Played In

Each icon (colour scheme or piece of a logo) denotes when each player played for the Canucks. Players with more than one icon played in more than one era. The icons do not necessarily indicate which players played the most games. For example, Mark Wotton played 42 games during two separate "eras", while Barry Wilkins played 276 games all during one "era". Harold Snepsts is the only Canuck to play in the first three NHL eras. Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden played in the three most recent eras. Below is the seasons that each icon represents.

Prior to 1970, the Canucks were (at times) represented by the "Johnny Canuck" logo.
When the Canucks joined the NHL in 1970-71, they adopted the "rink and stick" logo.
The Canucks wore their radical "V" jerseys from 1978-79 to 1984-85.
The more traditional uniform (logo on the front) was used from 1985-86 to 1996-97.
The orca logo debuted in 1997-98. The maroon, blue and silver lasted until 2006-07.
The Canucks returned to green, blue and white in 2007-08, though the orca remains.
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