North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Michael Watson-- 2008

Just a quick update…my wife and I are expecting our first child together in early November.  It's a boy.  So, I'll be the grey-haired fellow taking my son to school in a few years.  My step-son Jared is just turning 11 this fall.  I still remember waiting at the kindergarten door for him.  They grow up fast, eh?  Gary Ballantyne, Randy Martin, Andrew Stapff and I curl out in Coquitlam - last year our team finally won something…the "B" Division championship.  I guess it does take a while to find success!

My brother Dave Watson (class of 1981) passed away from colon cancer in May.  It was a tough go for the last couple of years of his life (he ended up being diagnosed in mid-2007, although he had some severe back pains and other obscure symptoms along the way), but he ended up getting married last winter and died at home with his wife and his family nearby.  Here's a link to an obituary written in the Georgia Straight about him: We bumped into Mark Ritchey at the wake…it was good to catch up with him.

Anyway, all the best to everyone.

Michael Watson-- 2005

Since graduating from UBC in 1988, I've been employed in the Consulting industry, focusing on Financials and Procurement applications.  I spent 8 years with Andersen Consulting, then 6 years with PeopleSoft and am now an independent with my own firm, MDW Consulting Inc.  During that time, I spent 5 years in Edmonton and did a lot of work-related travel over the Western/Midwestern US and Canada.

I finally got married in 2003 to an incredibly patient woman (Judy) and got a great 7-year old boy (Jared) in the deal.  We also have a cute Welsh Corgi named Charlie Watts.  We live in Burnaby and I keep in touch with a couple of folks from High School, but that's about it.

Hope all is well with everyone… if you are so inclined.

Michael Watson

Michael Watson -- 1983

Saying: Melekurion Abatha!
Pet Peeve: I wouldn't keep a peeve for a pet -- it's human.
Pet Name: Doc Watson
Event: June dance '82 and Valentines dance '83
Plans: Go for a degree in commerce or engineering; then I want to marry money.
Last Will: On my tombstone please write: "I told you I was sick".
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