North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Mike Vesterback -- 2004

It can't have been 20 years. I refuse to believe that! . . . Sorry new meds. Feeling much better now. Generally just living life. BCIT Grad '86 from Mechanical Tech. Partner in a mechanical contracting (plumbing and heating) company National Hydronics (not to be confused with Hydroponics although that is a growth industry) doing commercial, highrise residential, and institutional construction projects. If anyone's kids are going to Tweedsmuir, Clayton,  Johnson or Fraser Heights secondary in Surrey and they complain that it is too hot or cold, it's the engineers fault not mine.

Currently building the famous players Paramount theater at 900 Burrard, and the Matsqui Prison re-development. So I can say without lying that I have been in and out of prison for the last 3 years, am involved in the entertainment business, and education.  

I've been married for 15 years to Kathi Raycrof (Seaquam grad '83) and we have a daughter, whose arrival prompted my membership in the NRA. Ready access to large caliber weapons is a right . . . Sorry new meds. Building a new house which I hope to have done by the end of this summer . . . Christmas . . . who knows . . . takes a long time for things to fall off trucks for a complete house to be built.

Not much in the way of travel, Carrib cruise was the latest, but have made it an annual event to go salmon fishing in the Queen Charlottes. (if  you have not done it, don't!  It's too much fun, and I want the salmon there for my next trip).

Best to all,

(but it's pronounced Luxury Yacht)

Mike Vesterback -- 1983

Saying: Hall Mrs. Grimmace
Pet Peeve: Grads got the gym and grade 11's get the auditorium.
Pet Name: Ming
Event: Finishing Mr. M's Alg. 12H with a C+ & half a mind left to show.
Plans: Mechanical engineering at BCIT
Last Will: I leave my brain to science to see why I passed Mr. S's Physics 11.
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