North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Brent Toombs -- 2004

From 1985 until 1994 I lived in Saskatchewan (Prince Albert and Saskatoon) where I worked as a producer/director for CBC, CTV, and Global Television.  In 1994 I returned to Vancouver and worked for U.TV for 3 years before joining VTV (now CTV) when it started up in 1997. 

In 1998 I discovered the joy of travel and have been hooked ever since.   I started out with a long trip throughout Eastern Europe, and followed that the next year with a month in Thailand and Viet Nam.  By mid 1999 I knew I wanted to spend more time travelling and less time behind a desk in Canada, so I accepted a 1 year contract to be the creative director/ cameraman at a small TV station in Belize, Central America. 

Five years later I'm still in Belize, only now I run my own production company that, among other things, produces documentary films.  I still continue to travel as much as I can, either for work or for pleasure.  There's still a lot more of Central America I want to see, but I have spent plenty of time in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

In July 2004 I got married (my second, her first).  I have no kids from either marriage.  My wife is a Belizean but she spent 12 years in Canada as a child so we don't have any problems with the whole cross-cultural thing (in other words; she lets me watch hockey on ESPN!).  We just bought an acre of land on top of a hill near the Guatemalan border that has the most incredible views of jungle, rain forest, and farms.  We can't wait to start building our dream home up there.

I'd love to hear from any alumni....  You can .


Brent Toombs -- 1983

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