North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

David Souder -- 2008

Thought I'd update my information from 5 years ago.  I can't believe it is now 25 years since we graduated.

I have changed jobs, I'm now B.C. Distribuor Sales Manager for Canada Bread Food Service. We are part of the Maple Leaf Foods family.  Shelley and I have been married for 16 years, my lovely daughter Nicole is 13, and my awesome son Bryan is 9. We live the Canadian dream out here in Walnut Grove. We've been in our current house for 10 years. We have been on the roller coaster ride from newlyweds to new babies to first day at school to Grade 7 graduation. I still find it odd to be "Dad" taking the boys up to 7-11 for a Slurpee. Seems like just yesterday I was the 9 year old boy in the back seat of the Ford Torino.  

Life is good. We travel lots in the summer, get out on our little boat as much as we can and drop the top in the old mustang to drive to the beach for ice cream. I found out in subsequent years that when I was a kid I suffered from Tourettes Syndrome which led to some pretty severe depression in my teens. Man, I wish they had Paxil back then!!   I was pretty quiet and "distracted" in school....if I seemed withdrawn or unfriendly  it wasn't my intention. I envied people who were so layed back and seemed so happy in school, were so involved. However...that was a long time ago and life is very very good!!  I wish the same for all my fellow grads.  

If anyone wants to say hello please

David Souder -- 2004

After High School I worked for a few years to bank some money to attend BCIT and avoid the whole student loan thing. I graduated in 1990 from the Marketing Program, and along the way was elected President of the Student Association during my second year. It was a great experience. From there I worked for Maple Leaf Foods in sales for 5 years, brokered some food lines for a few years at Summit Marketing, and since 1998 I  have been a National Account Manager for Premium Brands Food Group based in Vancouver. Please frequent White Spot and Boston Pizza, they are two of my biggest accounts! Career is going well I'm happy to say.  I have traveled through most of the US and Mexico on pleasure and business. Europe continues to elude me, though. One of these years...

I met my lovely wife Shelley in 1991 when I was living on my boat in North Vancouver. After a few months I moved into her apartment in Kits, sold the boat, and that's all she wrote. We now have two fantastic kids, Nicole 9, and Bryan 5. They both look like my wife, thank God.  My wife comes from a very good gene pool by the way, after two little ones she is 5 foot 7, 105 pounds, hot!!!  ( she asked me to put that in).  We live in a nice house in Walnut Grove, and through good luck Shelley has been home with the kids for 10 years. I still miss my boat, however. ( I always wanted to live on a boat ever since I saw "Quincy"  doing it back in the 70's, but that's another story).

I had a blast at the reunion. It was an absolute success.  I echo what other people have said - our class has not aged. If anyone wants to contact me, sell me something or stalk me, email me.

David Souder -- 1983

Saying: Yeah that's my car, so what about it?
Pet Peeve: Pennies and preppies
Pet Name: Bimbo
Event: Playing frisbee on my spare.
Plans: Travel, university & buy a 2 door car.
Last Will: Refuse the cruise! Leave it to Beaver
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