North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Kathleen Kurek -- 2004

I am married with two beautiful children. Patrick and Amanda. Most of our life is spent around activities for both myself and the kids. Both of the kids play soccer, basketball and Karate/kickboxing. I also am involved in kickboxing and will be going to Basel Switzerland in September 2004 for the amateur world kickboxing championships.

I am still employed with Safeway as a Baker. We live in Terrace BC where you can still let your kids outside to play in the yard. It is a great community and its only downfall is that it is a long ways away from the major centers. What else can I say? Life is busy but great!

Going for Gold

Without a doubt I am getting ready for one of the biggest challenges of my life. On September 12, 2004 I will be going to compete in the World Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Basel Switzerland. As most of you know I have over come other adversities in my life. I have been smoke free for the past 3 years and have also successfully changed my body from a very large couch potato style to my new and improved athletic style. I started kickboxing as a way to get fit, fell in love with the sport and am now competing. What I lack in experience I make up for with heart. With my courage and determination I will give all that I have while representing Canada in my quest for Gold. I also have great coaches and teammates who will help train me in my quest.

Unfortunately as an Amateur athlete all costs including flight, lodging, food and team uniforms are our own to pay. I know the economy has been a tough one for the past few years and I appreciate any support you can give me. To make a donation or for sponsorship information, .

Thank you so much for your support and generosity!

Kathleen Kurek

Kathy Robertson --1983

Saying: Are you a turtle ... O'Tay & life goes on
Pet Peeve: Armadillos and rugby players
Pet Name: Myrtle Turtle or Robbie
Event: I have been told about it, can't remember
Plans: Become a professional mud wrestling turtle on Trafalmadore
Last Will: It always was, it always will be and it always is.
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