North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Amber Werner -- Memories

Vickie Police, who changed her name to Amber Werner, died of breast cancer in December 2017. 

As known by many classmates back in the day by Vickie Police, she changed her name to Amber Police when she was old enough - my sister Amber Werner has passed. Her second attack of cancer; she kicked its ass first time around (2009) and had a double mastectomy. It returned nearly 4 years ago. With no breasts to strike at, it became metastatic bone cancer. She has been fighting this every day. Every minute ever since.

Every minute was gold to her. She shared it with her children, family and friends. She even rejoiced and cherished every moment she could with perfect strangers. HER Life wasn’t perfect, but it was hers, it was life, and there was no chance she was going to waste a precious drop. She was a tireless mom, and an admirable sister.

If she hadn’t spoken to you in ages, you were still in her heart.

From her sister, forwarded to me by Christine Coll

Vicki Police -- 1983

Saying: Don't touch my face, I'll get acne! Don't touch my body, it's on reserve!
Pet Peeve: Jean, feathered hair, trendies, people on power trips.
Pet Name: Spinny Vickie
Plans: Teacher for the deaf children, dietician, estotician.
Last Will: Try to relate to people in some way or another, "You've got to get in to get out."
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