North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Todd Patrick -- 2005

Reading my '83 NDSS write-up it became sadly apparent that the things we say in our youth sometimes do stay with us forever.   I can't believe I said "Bite my shorts!" before Bart Simpson was even born and I don't think anyone ever called me that ridiculous nickname.

I moved to Maple Ridge immediately following graduation from university in '89 and still live in the same house.  I am into my 16th year teaching highschool in the District.  I am happy to say that I still like going to work every day.

I have been playing and coaching mens soccer since the mid '90s and can't get enough of the sport.  In fact my updated picture follows a game last summer.  I never really understood the importance of sport or clubs until I started playing again as an adult.  It adds a flavour to life you just can't find anywhere else.

I travel often to Europe, sometimes with students, with my favourite trips being to Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece.  I also spend a significant amount of time in the California wine country with family.  I would recommend New York and New Orleans to anyone looking for a vacation a little closer to home.

I have no children and am currently basking in the single life.  I continue to enjoy life's twists and turns no matter what direction they take and find that things - soccer wounds excluded - get better with time.  Cheers to all the Grads of '83!

Todd Patrick -- 1983

Saying: Bite my shorts!
Pet Peeve: Having to work for a living
Pet Name: Stimy the Texas Stud
Event: Going out with Chrissy
Plans: Party, become a teacher, get married, make kids, die.
Last Will: I want to be buried way out in the forest and my tomb is to read, "So it goes!".
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