North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Tim Karpishin -- 2005

Since NDSS, I attended UBC, and then proceeded south to the University of California, Berkeley for grad school. After doing my Ph.D. there in chemistry, I got married to Gisele, and we moved to Pasadena for 2 years and then to San Diego for 6 years. Our southward migration reversed itself when we moved back to the San Francisco area in 2000.

We now live in San Mateo, which is halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. I am the chemistry director at a biotech company that makes medical products for cancer diagnosis. We have two children (7 and 3), and still make it back to Vancouver every so often since we have family up there.

Here is the only digital picture I have of myself (I still have an old-school camera), and a rare time when I was wearing a tie!


Tim Karpishin -- 1983

Saying: Remember when we were in Africa?!
Pet Peeve: Fuds and Hags
Pet Name: Tim is fine.
Event: Visiting weird scenes inside the goldmine
Plans: To escape the killing noise of the out-of-styles.
Last Will: I will not go; prefer a Feast of Friends to the Giant Family.
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