North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Jeff Hendy -- 2008

This July, I have been married to my wife Kim for 21 years.  We have an almost 18 year old daughter who is amazing.

My carreer path has been varied since high school…  I worked in the retail industry for 5 years, computer wholesale for 12 years, a year in TV production for “The Dimestore Fishermen” and now 5 years with Shaw Cable. The Computer wholesale gig took me to Calgary where we have found an amazing group of friends.  I am currently a Service Technician with Shaw Cable recovering from a work related shoulder injury. 

For the last 3 years I have jammed (on guitar) with 2 friends and we recently added our 4th.  Our jam band just played our 2nd official “gig”.   We played for the Christian Motorcycle Association Apostles Group…  We are writing original music and also play classic rock/80’s hair metal/folk.  An interesting mix?

I would also like to thank David for keeping the website up and running and appreciate the updates…..

Jeff Hendy -- 1983

Saying: Oh no!
Pet Peeve: People who like other countries better than ours.
Pet Name: Pinky
Event: Rugby tour '82
Plans: Medical school
Last Will: To be remembered as one person and not as a twin.
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