North Delta Senior Secondary
Grad Class of 1983

Sylvia Van Sickle -- 2008

We are now living in South Surrey. We've permanently relocated back home now that my husband has retired from the military

Thanks for keeping this great site going. I was looking for information regarding the 50th reunion and stumbled upon this site again. It's fun to read up on how everyone's doing.  


We had a successful house hunting trip to Yellowknife this past week. We will be moving out of our current home in Victoria on July 25 and will take possession of our new home in Yellowknife on September 1.


It's hard to believe that 20 years has passed us by already. It seems like only yesterday we were giddy teenagers in high school and now our children are following in our footsteps.

I would have liked to have been at our 20th reunion to see everyone again, but I was living in Moscow, Russia at the time and it was a bit too far to travel for the reunion (although I was very tempted to come!). I'm sure most of you probably don't even remember me as I've certainly forgotten many of you as well. I seem to recall that at our 10th reunion, we all signed a book indicating where we thought we'd be in 10 years but I don't think Moscow was on the agenda for me back then that's for sure. It would be interesting to compare it to what we are all doing now.

As for me, I married my high school sweetheart, Kerry Van Sickle, in Jamaica in 1998. I have two step-children, Samantha born in 1989 and Andrew born in 1986, who live with their mother in Ontario. My son, Justin, was born in 1982 and is in his second year of architecture in Ontario so I'm currently suffering from empty nest syndrome.

But along with the suffering comes great opportunities to travel and pursue other dreams and goals in life while we are still relatively young. We were very fortunate to have had the pleasure to have travelled to more than 30 countries already especially since we lived overseas from 2001-2004. It was a very exciting opportunity to be able to meet people from all over the world and to witness first hand all the culture and history these countries have to offer.

We took a year of Russian language training before moving to Russia where Kerry worked at the Canadian Embassy. Being a Canadian diplomat in Moscow had it's perks though and we were able to meet many important politicians and business people alike.

While living in Moscow, I worked as the Business Manager for the Canadian Business Association in Russia. One of the nicest things about living in Moscow (besides the obvious history and culture) is the close ties you form with other people in the Canadian expatriate community.

After living in Russia for a few years though and being here during the hostage taking at the Nord-Ost musical, the recent wave of suicide bombers and the metro bombing, you really learn to value and appreciate what you have back home. I'm glad to have had the experience of living overseas and wouldn't change it for the world... well except maybe to plan to have come back in time for our 20th reunion. Oh well, there's always our 30th!!!

We will be moving to Victoria in July 2004 and hope to finally settle down somewhat. I would love to meet up with old school mates so if you are ever on the island, be sure to look us up!

Sylvia Bonn -- 1983

Saying: I'm late again!
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